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They have observed Arab and Israeli boys of the same age trading murderous glances on the Gaza Strip, and they are determined to succeed in a situation the rest of the world considers hopeless.Much of the play is about strategies that are well beyond the realm of diplomatic convention.

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, after a run at the Lincoln Center’s smaller Newhouse Theater, reopened Thursday at the larger Vivian Beaumont space -- and is likely to become the theatrical award magnet of 2017 by defying all manner of received wisdom in its dramatization of the 1993 Oslo Accords.

This painstaking, behind-closed-doors account of how Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization came to recognize and talk to one another is told with a level of intricacy -- and with a handsome production package -- that could be launched only in the realm of nonprofit theater.

Thankfully they don’t approach so I still had a competitive advantage over them.

Approaches from 2-3am will probably be most fruitful, especially if a girl is trying to get laid but has yet to meet a guy.

"You could see cops in heavy armour going in every store and restaurant. The police were screaming at us to get back inside and stay where we were." Norway's security service said a 17-year-old Russian citizen was arrested for explosives found at the subway.

The country's chief prosecutor said the bomb suspect was arrested on suspicion of handling explosives.

Security service head Benedicte Bjornland said it was unclear if the teen had plans to carry out an attack with the homemade device.

Mr Bjornland said intelligence services were aware of the youth, who is an asylum-seeker from Russia who arrived in Norway in 2010.

My only regret from the week I spent in Oslo is not getting a blowjob (though I did get my flag).

Many did not care that I was born on American soil.

When the former head of the Oslo police’s violent crime department, Hanne Kristin Rohde, said in 2011 that there was a “clear statistical connection” between rapes and non-Western male migrants, she was met with hostility, she told The New York Times. “There are lots of men who haven’t learned that women have value”.

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