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Also keep in mind that the cursor SELECT statement cannot have an INTO clause; it's strictly read-only.While we won't be looking at the use of multiple cursors within the same stored proc, it is entirely possible to have multiple cursors in the same code block, but each cursor must have a unique name. HANDLER statement specifies a handler that deals with one or more conditions.Database profiles represent the data set to be retrieved from or written to a relational database.

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A cursor is a special kind of loop for traversing through an SQL resultset one row at a time.

That allows us to perform operations on every record on a one-by-one basis.

A given profile is paired with a specific database connector operation.

There are two types of database profiles: The following standard data type elements are supported by the database profile, including for result sets: Character, Number, Date/Time, Clob, and Blob.

Also the failure here doesn't appear to be with add New().

The failure occurs when Update() is called, which is unfortunately quite a bit worse.There was a similar bug when My SQL 5 came out, but adding . Cursor Type = 2 'ad Open Static 3, ad Open Keyset 1 . STATISTICS WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA='def' AND TABLE_NAME='bug26985' AND INDEX_NAME='PRIMARY' ORDER BY SEQ_IN_INDEX 070312 2 Quit 3 Connect [email protected] on test 3 Query SET NAMES utf8 070312 3 Query SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.Cursor Location = 3 to all code of this form fixed that. I was unable to verify it using My SQL server 5.0.34BK on Win XP Pro SP2 localhost. Close Set rs = Nothing Set cnx Database = Nothing C:\mysql507\binmysql -uroot test Welcome to the My SQL monitor. Your My SQL connection id is 1 Server version: 5.0.34-log Source distribution Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. mysql General query log: 070309 6 Connect [email protected] on test 6 Query SET NAMES utf8 6 Query SELECT database() 6 Query SELECT database() 6 Query SELECT database() 6 Query SELECT * FROM bug26985 7 Connect [email protected] on test 7 Query SET NAMES utf8 7 Query INSERT INTO bug26985 ( b) VALUES('foo123') 7 Quit 6 Quit Tonci, You forgot the line rs. STATISTICS WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA='def' AND TABLE_NAME='bug26985' 3 Quit 4 Connect [email protected] on test 4 Query SET NAMES utf8 5 Connect [email protected] on test 5 Query SET NAMES utf8 070312 5 Quit 4 Query INSERT INTO `def`.`test`.`bug26985` (`b`) VALUES ('ABCDEFGH') 4 Quit 070312 1 Quit SS or Undefined cursor location: 070312 14 Connect [email protected] on test 14 Query SET NAMES utf8 14 Query SELECT database() 14 Query SELECT database() 14 Query SELECT database() 14 Query SELECT * FROM bug26985 15 Connect [email protected] on test 15 Query SET NAMES utf8 070312 15 Query INSERT INTO bug26985 ( b) VALUES('foo123123') 15 Quit 14 Quit Michael, Thanks for your patience with this.Since this does appear to be working with a Server Side cursor (ad Use Server) this might be a workaround for you, if you can use it.Upgrading priority to P2 since Update() is essential functionality, however there is the Server Side cursor workaround.Description: Using the Add New/Update functions of ADO My ODBC generates an error: [My SQL][My ODBC 5.00.12][My SQL] 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your My SQL server version for the right syntax to use near '.`A` (`b`) VALUES ('foo123')' at line 1 How to repeat: For code to reproduce do the following: mysql Done.

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