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These are "best if used by" dates for peak quality.These are the manufacturer's recommendations for maximum freshness and nutrient value, not safety dates.

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We look at the complexities of this new dating trend that seems to be gaining ground “This is Johannesburg, it’s not yours, it’s just your turn . Cheating has and remains a big challenge in monogamous relationships, with some arguing that it’s unnatural and that perhaps dating openly and being honest about it would spare us many a heartbreak.

We are all eating off the same plate, we are just having different portions . .” so read an acquaintance’s Facebook status in which he was relaying details of a dinner conversation he’d had with a group of women who all agreed that monogamy is a figment of society’s imagination.

[Top of Page] Are Retailers Allowed to Sell Products Beyond the Expiration Date on the Package? Many processed and packaged foods are shelf stable, which means that they do not require refrigeration until opened.

Monroe Peter Friedman (1972) ,"Consumer Responses to Unit Pricing, Open Dating, and Nutrient Labeling", in SV - Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference of the Association for Consumer Research, eds. Venkatesan, Chicago, IL : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 361-369.

    - Closed Dating - "Closed dating" or "Coded" dating generally refers to a manufacturer's code stamped on the product.

These codes typically appear on shelf stable products such as canned and boxed foods.

For example, a Julian date of 031 represents January 31st and a Julian date of 365 represents December 31st.

​The Julian date usually represents the date the product was manufactured or packaged.

Brandon Wade, an American businessman and online dating entrepreneur, is on a mission to redefine conventional relationships, so much so that he’s established a website called Open

Here, individuals or couples have the option of getting into an open relationship with another couple, provided their partner has given their consent.

[The author is professor of psychology and director of the Center for the Study of Contemporary Issues at Eastern Michigan University.] This paper reviews recent research relating to three new informational displays which have been proposed to assist consumers with their shopping decisions.

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