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I'll sing, Chad'll realize I'm not over him, he'll dump Cassie and go for me, and I'm happy. Cassie: *knocks on Chad's dressing room door* Oh, Chaddykins! It makes me feel as if I'm going out with Sonny again.

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Tawni: Hun, at least you haven't been able to move on. (the girl who works at the Condor Studios front desk, made up character) Sonny: Cassie and I were going to the mall after she's done with work.

*checks her phone, new text message from Tawni* Text message: Sonny, where r u? Tawni Sonny: *pulls into a parking spot, gets out of her car, replies* Text message: Sorry, Tawn. *runs in her dressing room* Tawni: *sees her* Hey, Sonny. Sonny: *ignores her* Tawni, the more Chad and I aren't dating, the more I wanna strangle his new girlfriend.

*leaves* Sonny: Tawni, I know where we're going tonight!

Tawni: Lemme guess, you wanna spy on Chad and Cassie?

Welcome to Date Miserable "Where Misery Loves Company"'s mission is to change the way people date online. is the Only Dating Site in where people can be honest about themselves.

In the world of Fake and Perfect Profiles that you find everyday on Facebook, Twitter and the other Big Dating Sites you find that everyone has Perfect Lives and that their world is such of a fairy tail. There is no need to lie about their lifestyles or current events happening in their lives.Her venomous vocals send shivers down your back in a haze of leather and carefully placed lace.A hushed romance with Darren Criss, a side project cover band named “Guns n’ Hoses,” and a proper risqué wardrobe make this Alabama native’s every move nothing short of mesmerizing—with an earful of influences ranging from the femme fatales of punk to the still reigning kings of rock, a la Guns n’ Roses and Led Zeppelin.Romance in the Rain is a 2001 Chinese television period drama jointly produced by Yi Ren Communications Company (怡人傳播有限公司) in Taiwan and China International Television Corporation (中国国际电视总公司) in mainland China.The series was adapted by Chiung Yao from her 1964 novel Fire and Rain (as well as a 1986 adaptation Lovers Under the Rain), with the setting moved to 1930s Shanghai.The protagonist of Romance in the Rain, Yiping is one of the many children of Lu Zhenhua, a retired general with nine wives.

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