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Open up the film chamber, and while holding the camera upside down (with film chamber facing downward), use the dust blower and blow as many areas as possible.

Well after midnight earlier this week, David Cameron sauntered out of an establishment in London’s West End called Sexy Fish. Our Prime Minister was beaming with pleasure after seven courses of victuals expensive enough to make your eyes water like lemoned oysters.

Most photos of little girls or other figures captured on trail camera (so they say) are fake. It’s a piece of art, actually, done by composer and photographer William Harper. The description of the series on his website explains that the camera is hidden, attached to a tree, and the scene is set.

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Searching for the photo will take to you Harper’s website.

This is a good example of why we should not jump to ANY conclusions, paranormal or fake. The reaction of social media and forums and paranormal sites reveals how we love these spooky, mysterious puzzles.

But the latest one, making the rounds on paranormal and mystery mongering feeds on Facebook, looks shocking, creepy, sparking speculation as to its authenticity. The photographer, tracking his discoveries, will drive the animals into hiding but will take a fine portrait.

But it is ABSOLUTELY REAL- fascinating and beautiful. Some of the stories the photographer tells are true. He explains to the children that photographs don’t lie but he doesn’t need to; the children can tell when a lie is true and, in any case, are somewhat flexible on the issue.

Perrie Edwards of Little Mix was at that do, as was Rochelle Humes of The Saturdays. On one floor, slit-skirts and flashes of caramel inner-thigh; on the other, political bling: this was paparazzo heaven and, arguably, a vignette of modern Britain’s elite.

Sexy Fish is owned by a clubs-and- clothing tycoon called Richard Caring.

The light seal may have dried up and crumble into fine, black particles when you open the film chamber.

At this point of time, you may whip out your microfibre cloth and dust blower, and say, “ok, let’s clean this up.” But after an hour or so of polishing, the tarnish is still there, stubborn specks of dust may still get stuck in the film chamber and between dials. Let us take you through a quick guide on how to clean up your camera. Sharpened or dull doesn’t matter 2) Toothpicks 3) Dust blower 4) Cotton pads or balls 5) Lighter fluid or Isopropryl cleaning alcohol.

Treasures for photographers may mean finding a working copy of their dream camera at a flea market or on the second-hand camera market.

Some photographers don’t keep their gear in a dry box, and after years of neglect, tarnishing may appear on the chrome surface, and dust/dirt may get in between the gaps.

It means that the fawns are far more exposed than normal, which is causing the females to behave more protectively and aggressively.

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