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Applications that use Cocoa bindings can provide a challenge when attempting to troubleshoot problems.

nstextfield setstringvalue not updating-89

I have left out quite a bit of detail in order to keep the article short and simple, but hopefully it has given you a firm grasp of the concepts and principles. [2] When I say that bindings synchronise two key paths, that's not technically correct.

It actually synchronises a "binding" and a key path.

The fact that it logs "(null)", means that the outlet is not (yet) connected.

When your XIB file gets loaded, the outlets are not immediately connected.

Right-click on the object in the XIB file and make sure the outlet is connected.

Your NSLog statement ( NSLog(@"%@", _top); ) logs the NSText Field object itself.However, when I try sending set String Value:@"a string" to the text field, it doesn't work. So basically instead I had to pass the original object.Also, when I try and print the text field object to the command line it says null. That probably does not make any sense but let me know if it needs explaining better. from all of my debugging I was using the awake From Nib function which set it to 0. Ok here is the embarrassing rookie mistake for others to learn from.I was able to set the string to whatever in this method. I was calling my setstringvalue before the view was even loaded; in the didfinishlaunching method.Here is an example: Cocoa makes a distinction between "keys" and "key paths". A "key path" allows you to chain multiple keys together, separated by dots. Now that you understand the concepts behind KVC and KVO, Cocoa bindings won't be too mysterious.

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