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The original firing order for small V-8s, FEs, and 385-series big-blocks is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8, so the companion cylinders look like this:1-5-4-26-3-7-8All 351s and later 5.0L V-8s use 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8, with these cylinder pairings:1-3-7-26-5-4-8As you can see, all Ford did was swap the order of cylinders 5 and 3 and cylinders 4 and 7 to get the new firing order.Also, don’t forget that Ford numbers its cylinders differently than Chevy.Date: April 2010 Most Ignorant Line: “I brought my GED when I was 17.” What happened?

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No sighn up strip cams

Astonishingly, the Department for Work and Pensions insisted that it is legally obliged to carry the advertisements. However politicians and family campaigners lined up to criticise the policy last night - claiming it legitimises the sex industry and encourages women to work in it.

The controversial advertisement was posted in a Jobcentre Plus branch in Cardiff, south Wales and nationwide on the agency's website.

It offered an hourly wage for women to work 15 to 40 hours a week, between 9pm and midday. Placed by a company called Cybtrader, the advertisement - which remains within legal boundaries - is unshamedly brazen when it comes to describing exactly what the role entails.

It reads: "Duties include performing to a web cam for clients or customers fantasies.

"You really graduate when you make it outta of the hood," wrote Cam.

"To tell da truth I brought my GED for 0 when I was 17.

I grew up there and still miss those summer storms.

But it did not last long and the rivers on the road quickly found their way to all the drains. Don't let the rain stop you from experiencing Vegas. Then there are some spectacular storms - cloudbursts that can dump an amazing amount of water in a short burst.

It almost makesup for the 100-degree temperatures and pizza-only diet.

It's not taking us long to figure out a 347 is the way to go for easy horsepower with a 5.0 engine.

A Jobcentre has provoked outrage after it was found to be advertising for women to strip for web cams on Internet sex sites for £8 an hour.

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