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Last week, Sacks banned alcohol at the office, but that doesn’t seem to be the worst of it.

Last June an employee responsible for the startup's relationship with building management sent a memo to the company's San Francisco-based workers reproaching them for having sex in the stairwells, according to an email message reviewed by the .“It has been brought to our attention by building management and Security that the stairwells are being used inappropriately," wrote Emily Agin, the company’s director of real estate and workplace services, in a companywide note.

A Maryland judge denied bond for a 17-year-old accused of raping a 14-year-old in a high school bathroom, ruling that alleged salacious text messages and an explicit video did not prove his innocence. That’s not an argument that can be sustained,” Maryland District Court Judge James B. “The request is denied without prejudice.” Prosecutors suggested an examination of electronic devices still under way contains evidence of the two rape defendants flashing “MS-13 gang signs.” FATHER OF MARYLAND HIGH SCHOOL RAPE SUSPECT ARRESTED BY ICE Jose Montano, a 17-year-old ninth grader in Rockville, Md., is accused of raping the girl in a bathroom stall during school hours.

Montano’s lawyer asked for the court hearing to try and prove the sex was consensual.

Now it appears their contract with the city has come to an end — or at least been put on hold indefinitely.

Last year, Schaaf hired San Francisco attorney Morin Jacob to review how the Police Department handled allegations that several officers had inappropriate contact with a sexually exploited teenager whose mother worked as a dispatcher for the department.

In June, when Schaaf announced that she hired the lawyers’ team, she said she would share the findings with the public.

“Given the importance of public trust in the outcome of ongoing misconduct investigations, we have put several layers of independent review in place to ensure we uncover any wrongdoing, either by officers or in how the investigation has been conducted,” the mayor said then."Zenefits is now focused on developing business practices that will ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements, and making certain that the company operates with integrity as its number-one value.”Zenefits—one of Silicon Valley's hot "unicorn" tech startups with a valuation that last May reached .5 billion (although mutual fund investors have since marked down their shares)—has been stumbling in recent months.The company is under investigation by the California Department of Insurance for its business practices and potential compliance breaches, and its CEO and co-founder Parker Conrad recently resigned.Invoices obtained by The Chronicle show that Jacob, along with associates Stacy Velloff and Megan Lewis, worked a combined 31 days, starting in June and ending in January.Jacob was paid 0 per hour for a total of more than ,000. City officials redacted descriptions of the work they did each day from the invoices, citing attorney-client privilege, and no reports or final assessments have come from their time on the case. Representatives for Schaaf and the city have not responded to questions about what work the group accomplished.As Ireland’s rental crisis continues to worsen, “sex for rent” ads have begun to appear for properties in Dublin.

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