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The Yoruba people are the overwhelming majority in the southwest, as well as parts of the north-central region.

Good numbers of the Yorubas are Muslims and about 60% are Christians, while the remainder hold traditional Yoruba views.

The most numerous ethnic groups in the northern two-thirds of the country are the Hausa and the Fulbe/Fulani, the overwhelming majority of whom are Muslim.

Other major ethnic groups of the north are the Nupe, Tiv, and Kanuri.

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And, how are the legal and bureaucratic identities, and institutions of migration control, challenged by migrants themselves?

This course introduces Ph D candidates to key concepts, cross-cutting research and analysis in the fields of law, anthropology, human geography and political science.

What protection does international law and humanitarian institutions offer to different categories of people? “Camp, Ghetto, Zinco, Slum: Lebanon’s Transitional Zones of Emplacement”, (2016), pp. D., “Shifting Conceptions of Refugee Identity and Protection: European and Middle Eastern Approaches”, in Kneebone S., Stevens, D., & Baldassar, L., , Vol 4 No.

What are the spatial, temporal and gendered implications of the protection and control practices aimed at migrants? Janmyr, M., “No Country of Asylum: Legitimizing Lebanon’s Rejection of the 1951 Refugee Convention” [forthcoming 2017].

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