Newlywed dating game

It was the sweetest 🙂 It really wasn’t too hard to do and you could really do it yourself! 2) If you could be any superhero, what superhero would you be?

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12) What movie star do you think you are most like? 14) What game or sport does the bride think she’s better at than you?

15) Who is the better driver between the two of you?

So yes, there may be times when you long to return to that same intimate relationship with your spouse.

Problem is, there may be just as many times when you look across the dinner table and think to yourself, “Who is that? The contestants had only recently been married, and most didn’t have children.

There’s nothing sinister about this; it’s just the way things work, right from the moment your first child is born.

One of the most common side effects of becoming a parent is becoming at least somewhat distant from your spouse.Showering your bride but don’t want to forget about the groom?For my friend Dianna’s shower (you can see all the shower photos here), I sat down with the groom, Adam, and asked him some simple questions about the bride!Looking for a fun game to play with your married friends? “Which monthly bill does your husband complain about the most: clothing, telephone, gas, food or electric? “Which one of your girlfriends does your husband find most attractive? “How many dates did you go on with your husband before you had your first kiss? “If your husband were Superman, what amazing feat would he perform? “Which comic character is your husband most like – Daffy Duck, Batman or Charlie Brown? “When your husband has a night out with the boys, where does he go? “Who did your husband most resemble on your first date: Blue Beard, Peter Sellers or Rudolph Valentino? “If your husband walked through the door with a dozen roses, would you say it was because it was an expression of his affection for you, he got a raise at work, or he just had lunch with a blonde? “What would you do if your husband hired a beautiful secretary? “Which of your husband’s friends do you find most attractive? “If your husband were in charge of cooking dinner one evening, which dish would he prepare? Just like the popular game show on TV, you can play the Newlywed game right at home. To score the most points by matching answers to see how well married couples really know each other. “When was the last time your husband bought you flowers?

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