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You got to play the game, the rules may change, the games are different, the players are different but if you want to be in the game you can’t complain about it. US: Did you think "Just a Dream" was going to be your big hit? Sometimes as an artist you think every song that you do is a smash.

Since their steamy performance at the 2011 BET Awards, rumors have been floating around that Trey Songz and Kelly Rowland are romantically involved.

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Sports blogger Stiletto Jill then tweeted “See I thought Cuda not you.” To which Williams responded, “#bingo but thats not my place to speak on it..” Most of us have no clue who “Cuda” is.

But, according to Madamenoire blog, Cudda or Cudda Love is (or was) rapper Nelly’s manager/body guard back in the day.

Right before her amazing performance at Super Bowl 50, Jay sent his wife 10,000 roses as a way to say “break a leg” and “I love you.” With Bey reportedly saying she’s ready to call it quits, how many roses will Jay need to save his marriage?

Do you think Bey and Jay are going to break up, Hollywood Lifers?

But the tradition behind it, that's what I thought I was bringing with this album -- more of a classic Nelly sound. It is what it is, and I'm not going to complain about it.

I'm not saying this is a classic album because obviously that’s for the fans to decide. N: I reunited with Kelly Rowland again on a song called "Gone," which was produced by Jim Johnson who also produced The-Dream's last album. I'm just going to work through it so whatever they want to call it however they want to see it, it's here now and I'm excited about it. N: Definitely I think I've changed as a person. Even when I was doing "Brass Knuckles," I went through so much with losing my sister in ‘05, and six months later I lost my grandfather and a couple of months a go I lost my cousin.

At the time of his birth, his father was serving in the military.

When he was seven, his parents divorced and he moved to St. Nelly's career got started in 1993 while he was still in high school when he began performing with the rap group known as The Lunatics.

It’s one of the greatest songs in modern history (so great, in fact, that Taylor Swift even performed it recently).

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