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This semi-precious stone can be found in mineral deposits in the United States southwest as well as South America and has been used for thousands of years.Archeologists have found turquoise beads dating back to as early as 200 BC.

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Native American jewelry refers to items of personal adornment, whether for personal use, sale or as art; examples of which might include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pins, as well as ketohs, wampum, and labrets, made by one of the Indigenous peoples of the United States.

Native American jewelry normally reflects the cultural diversity and history of its makers, but tribal groups have often borrowed and copied designs and methods from other, neighboring tribes or nations with which they had trade, and this practice continues today.

Lois Sherr Dubin writes, "[i]n the absence of written languages, adornment became an important element of Indian communication, conveying many levels of information." Later, jewelry and personal adornment "...signaled resistance to assimilation.

It remains a major statement of tribal and individual identity." Native American jewelry can be made from naturally occurring materials such as various metals, hardwoods, vegetal fibers, or precious and semi-precious gemstones; animal materials such as teeth, bones and hide; or man-made materials like beadwork and quillwork.

As the Crane dance went on usually a young man would see a woman that did strike his fancy.

Unlike our current dating customs, the native American dating customs required that the young man speak to his mother who then would speak to the mother of the girl he was interested in.The lapis /silver necklace is incredible; the bearpaw fabulous; really unusual and distinctive. Just wanted to thank you for being an honest business person.The feather earrings, seahorse earrings and dolphin necklace were divided up between the daughters in a flash ! In today's world I get very concerned about ordering over the internet. Thank you and I look forward to future purchases my wife loves the antique Navajo rings" - JG"I love the twist bracelet! I'm glad I bought's one of those bracelets that can be left on all the time.They learned about jewelry making when they came into regular contact with the Spanish around the 16th century.The Navajo noticed the jewelry worn by the Spaniards and how that jewelry granted them a certain status in society. The influence of the Spanish can clearly be seen by the use of the pomegranate blossom, sometimes known as the squash blossom necklace, which was inspired by the Moorish crescent.Native Americans have used jewelry through the years both as adornment and in trade.

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