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A major aspect of the work I’ve done in groups and workshops is related to emotional honesty and developing the ability to speak from the heart.My first men’s group meeting was more than 30 years ago with eight men between 42 and 52 in attendance. Relationships were the first topic that was brought up that night and they remain the number one topic 30 years later.

How do teenage boys, in all their sloppy, rude glory, learn how to grow up into empathetic, sensible men—without getting ensnared in the many traps laid out by, say, predatory groups on the internet?

It's rare to see questions like these that even obliquely deal with the topic of modern masculinity tackled in honest, healthy ways, especially with the patience needed to handle a genuine journey of maturity.

Griffin: I feel like a lot of what's championed as modern-man-in-the-dating-world behavior is not conducive to actually being a fucking adult about things.

And I think I can say that pretty comfortably, because when we started this podcast seven years ago, I was 22 and didn't know any of that shit at all, and doing this podcast put a lot of pressure on us to try to shake some of those bad tropes for dude advice.

Not one man felt comfortable in the emotional dialogue arena.

The reasons varied but one reason in particular kept coming up.

"A guy appears to be crazy about me one day, then doesn't call for a week. Should I contact him or wait for him to contact me? "What does it really mean when he says that he's "busy" for the next couple days? The purpose of our dating advice for women section is not to tell you how men are (although, that will be covered).

It is no secret; the male sex can be a very mysterious thing. No, the true purpose of this database is for you to improve yourself in order to more successfully date them - with the aim of eventually finding Mr. Below you will find a large selection of articles, How-To's, and dating tips.

We knew you did and that's why we created the Dating Advice For Women section especially for your needs.

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