Mysql slave state invalidating Camsex free credit

Just checking in: using two servers in replication, idle servers, on the slave side I configured globally the slave_net_timeout=1 and log_warnings=2, as I'm using 5.6 for these tests.The interest here is to check the reconnection made by the slave and with that, the restart of Binlog Dump Thread on the master. #: slave error log - reported every 5 secs 2015-06-25 2598 [Warning] Storing My SQL user name or password information in the master info repository is not secure and is therefore not recommended.

the global Were the size and type set to 0 when the server was started, or later?

From the bug reports, it seems to make a difference...

I belive the issue is not related to long running queries.

First because i dont't see the servers processing anything, and second, because as i mentiomed in update4, the server stops processing and gets stuck on invalidating cache on the old non-Percona servers which caused the replication to halt until the cache was invalidated (Which took a lot of time). id=60696 We solved the issue by moving entirely to Percona My SQL server v5.5 which has the ability to disable Query Cache completely.

That was our story on how, more or less, we have implemented My SQL replication for our Fraudpointer application. We need to improve this process and your feedback is absolutely valuable to us.

The steps may not apply exactly to your particular case, but they can still give you a kick start and show you the way to implement replication the way it should work on your configuration. If you are going to use mysqldump, you should rely instead on the --master-data option to guard against human error and release the locks on the master as quickly as possible.Assume the master is and the slave is, each server has a distinct server-id configured, the master has binary logging on and the slave has read-only=1 in To stage the slave to be able to start replication just after importing the dump, issue a CHANGE MASTER command but omit the log file name and position: Optionally update the /root/cnf on the slave to store the same root password as the master. The system variables slave_net_timeout will controls over the time the slave server will be waiting for new data dumped form master's binlog.If no interaction or inactivity is greater than slave_net_timeout, the reconnection will be made.I'm running a 4 servers master-master cluster of My Sql. Replication topology: 1 - 1 UPDATE It seems that server 3 has its SBM at 0, while the other servers are jumping up and down. It looks like the server is busy doing something, and there is a huge delay between when the server gets the statement, and when it executes it. After disabling cache, server 4 is ok but 1&2 are still having this issue. id=60696 If anyone knows how to fix it, i would be glad to hear There is one flaw with mysql's seconds_behind_master value: it only takes into account the position relative to one upstream hop away.

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