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I ran the page and clicked on "Edit" next to "Martha". However, I discovered that if you change the Sql Data Source1 control to add or delete columns, a dialog pops asking if you want to "Refresh the Fields and Keys ..." This is where the problem occurs since it clears the Data Key Names entry (the pop-up tells you that, but who read the fine print?

Just if I change it for Ole Db, everithing works great. All worked fine after that, Cheers, Harvey All the tutorials mention that the Data Key Names entry is automatically added for you.

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mysql not updating classic asp-40

Student ID db ID = rs.fields("Student ID") db SSN = rs.fields("SSN") db Last = rs.fields("Last Name") db First = rs.fields("First Name") db Middle = rs.fields("Middle Name") db Gender = rs.fields("Gender") db Scl = rs.fields("School") db Cls = rs.fields("Class") if db ID = csv ID then ' if db ID matches csv ID, ' update tbl Students with the new CSV data sql = "UPDATE tbl Student SET " &_ "Active='Yes' AND " &_ "SSN='" & csv SSN & "' AND " &_ "Last Name='" & csvlast & "' AND " &_ "First Name='" & csv First & "' AND " &_ "Middle Name='" & csv Middle & "' AND " &_ "Gender='" & csv Gender & "' AND " &_ "School='" & csv Scl & "' AND " &_ "Grade Lvl='" & csv Grd & "' AND " &_ "Home Room ID='" & csv Hrm & "' AND " &_ "Prev Class1='" & db Cls & "' AND" &_ "last Updated User='" & updated User & "' AND" &_ "last Updated Date='" & updated Date & "'" &_ "WHERE Student ID=" & db ID & ";" on error resume next conn.execute(sql) else ' I am not sure what to do here... Buffer = False on error resume next dim conn1, conn, rs, updated User, updated Date, file Path, dim deactivate SQL, csv Conn, conn CSV, csv, sql dim csv ID, csv SSN, csv Last, csv First, csv Middle dim csv Gender, csv Scl, csv Grd, csv Cls, db Cls updated User = Request.

Recordset") "SELECT * FROM tbl Student", conn ' Begin looping through tbl Students do until ' Get tbl Students.

Map Path(file Path) &_ "; Extended Properties='text; HDR=no; FMT=Delimited';" Set conn CSV = Server. Thanks to Richard Benson, I've been able to get my code to work properly, for the most part: I'm hung up on this bit of code: Set rs = Server.

Record Count redim to Add(temp) ' Begin looping through do until ' Get Column Values ' please disregard the "replace" stuff for now csv ID = replace(replace(csv.fields(0), " ", ""), "'", "") csv SSN = replace(replace(csv.fields(1), " ", ""), "'", "") csv Last = replace(replace(csv.fields(2), " ", ""), "'", "") csv First = replace(replace(csv.fields(3), " ", ""), "'", "") csv Middle = replace(replace(csv.fields(4), " ", ""), "'", "") csv Gender = replace(replace(csv.fields(5), " ", ""), "'", "") csv Scl = replace(replace(csv.fields(6), " ", ""), "'", "") csv Grd = replace(replace(csv.fields(7), " ", ""), "'", "") csv Hrm = replace(replace(csv.fields(8), " ", ""), "'", "") ' Connect to database set conn=Server. But, first I need to have this work: loop through the CSV, update the DB if the csv ID exists in the DB and insert the csv ID row info if it doesn't exist. Active Connection = "whateveryourconnectionstringis" rs. Source = "SELECT * FROM Table WHERE ID = '" & int Value & ";" rs.

Dim presta DB presta DB = "DRIVER=; SERVER=mysql50-64.wc1; PORT=3306; DATABASE=example_db; USER=example_user; PASSWORD=example_password; OPTION=3;" set conn = Server.

I am having problems with my gridview update, it doesn't update the record in the database, it doesn't generate an error either, it just reloads the page with the previous values.

Script Timeout = 2147483647 dim conn, rs, updated User, updated Date, file Path dim deactivate SQL, csv Conn, conn CSV, csv, sql dim db ID, db SSN, db Last, db First, db Middle, db Gender, db Scl, db Cls dim csv ID, csv SSN, csv Last, csv First, csv Middle, csv Gender dim csv Scl, csv Cls, csv Grd, csv Hrm updated User = Request.

Cookies("User N") updated Date = date() & " " & time() file Path = "\path\to\file" ' Connect to Students.

Discuss using ASP 3 to work with data in databases, including ASP Database Setup issues from the old P2P forum on this specific subtopic. Once you click on the link you can either update or delete the record. There are some great sites with tons of Free examples. Description) end if response.redirect "message.asp?

However, I would like to make the first column in the database a link.

I can click on "Edit" and the current record goes into Edit Mode.

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