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Jane, I’m currently dealing with a seriously urgent issue and I believe you’re the only individual with the perspective to lift me from my dilemma.

After reading your heartwarming response to the mother who wanted her 3 year old son become transgender, I was moved beyond words by the compassion you displayed. I was born to two white parents who were extremely abusive towards me throughout my entire childhood. I do not identify as Caucasian, although genetically, I am considered to be white.

“You’re nowhere near the daughter I thought you would be at this point, and I’m deeply broken-hearted. You’ve been using us for money, while disrespecting us in every way.

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And today she is in the process of rebuilding their shattered relationship. She admitted the situation is ‘fluid.’ She does not know where her daughter lives.

She does not know if Hannah is still in contact with Hogue – who goes by Kobe D**kinmya** Hogue on Facebook.

My parents hated my husband the first time they met him.

They didn’t hate him because he was a theater major and out of work actor.

I have always resonated towards African American culture and have associated the white race with the pain, and oppression which dominated my upbringing.

I feel a kinship among my dusky brethren as we share a common abuser.Caucasians are culturally a vicious and exploitative race, and I want no part of it.I gave birth to a white daughter 13 years ago after being raped and impregnated by one of the boys I attended high school with.Today Andrea, 50, who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a vocal campaigner raising awareness of sex trafficking.Earlier this week a television interview was aired in which Andrea shared the full horror of how a predatory pimp ‘tore apart’ her middle class family when he started dating her daughter, 16-year-old Hannah.My belief is that interracial relationships are despicable. There’s nothing worse than a half-black, and I’m crushed that my own daughter has entered into such a disgusting relationship…of sickening choices, and I won’t tolerate it.” Hicks is dating a Black guy named Nike and her dad is “disgusted” with the union and demanded she assumes a new identity.

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