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For instance, do you recall hearing that Danny once robbed a drug store in Miami?

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Now, with the release of his latest film, Traffic, Soderbergh stands to earn Oscar nominations for Best Director and Best Picture for both of these movies.

It's no wonder, either, as Traffic is one of the most gripping films to hit theatres in 2000.

An intertwined drama about the United States' war on drugs, seen through the eyes of a once conservative judge, now newly-appointed drug czar, his crack-addicted daughter, two DEA agents, a jailed drug kingpin's wife, and a Mexican cop who begins to question his boss's motives.

When Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez and his partner are stopped by General Salazar's men in the opening sequence, Javier holds his hands against the steering wheel in a "surrender" position.

Bloodline fans who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the dark family drama's second season on Netflix Friday at midnight likely still remember the major plot points from the series' first season: Black sheep brother Danny Rayburn (Ben Mendelsohn) returns home, starts dealing drugs through the family inn and ultimately dies in a fight with his younger brother John (Kyle Chandler) on the beach.

The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a handy refresher on things viewers may need to know for season two.

Early in the first season, Danny tells his friend Eric O'Bannon (Jamie Mc Shane) that he opened the seafood restaurant he was planning but indicated things weren't going so well.

He also meets up with Beth Mackey (Hani Avital), a woman who's listed as having bailed Danny out of jail after an arrest.

Less than six weeks prior, he and Lily had gone for a month long vacation to the Caribbean and had come back even more in love than when they had left.

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