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They are rather unsure of strangers but greet family and friends effusively.

A well brought up Appenzell Mountain Dog that understands his lower place in the human pack is fine with children.

William Lundigan and Susan Hayward starred in this 1951 film regarding the trials and tribulations of a preacher and his wife.

The scenery was truly beautiful in the part of Georgia where the film was made.

When he miraculously returns, they decide to marry, but are threatened by a wealthy, egotistical composer the piano teacher started dating on the rebound after she became convinced her love had died.

One dark summer night, Francesca Cunningham, a once world famed pianist, escapes from her hospital room and tries to commit suicide by jumping off a local bridge. See full summary » Set in the early '40s, a San Francisco prostitute is run out of town just as the second World War has begun to intensify.

Appenzells learn quickly, partly because they are so intelligent, but also because they really want to have something to do.

A piano teacher believes that her fiancé was killed on the battlefield.

The pace of contemporary is so frantic that people just don't have time for their personal lives.

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