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Sit and enjoy A lyrics video the music video for the is George Galloway talking about how the Brits gave Israel Palestinian territories. Galloway is an “Apologists” whatever that means,  but i do agree with him. After a really long stop i’m back ( Wow around 18 months passed without updates!

last 2 month was really hard at work with all the project that we were handling but alas we are done with that.

went on vacation relaxed and came back to work with some little...

Another great song from the famous rock star Nickelback.

This song words speaks the truth about what really happening in the word and how our reaction to it ..

I would have said (playfully) something like "Aha yeah, you better look as sharp as you can while being in walmart, never know what might pass you" / "Sounds like you love walmart, please tell me you don't live in here" (be playful again)... Whenever I be playful (the way I, personally, be playful) it's not received well. I mean, I'm reading your examples but they don't make sense to me lol. Also, what about when you asked where she works, to say "wait.... let me guess" - *have an inspecting look for a second* "Your earrings give me a hint I think" ... I'd say you work in a book store" Just giving you a few things, to spice up your convs, make it more fun and less interviewish - now fun won't directly gonna get you laid, but she might start finding you more interestingabout the thing "That's not there" is because you are doing cold approach day game man, you gotta be the creator of the interaction (I don't mean you have to do all the talking all the time) I mean you want to be able to create more awesomeness Yeah buyt I'm already more awesome than people can handle so just being there should be enough! Seriously though, this is a good point and something I constantly struggle with. At least with rapport-questions it's less pedestalizing and not trying to impress her.

I have tons of online convos that just stop after I try to be playful. That is this: when I'm making a conversation "awesome" for the girl, I always feel like I'm pedestalizing her, because I wouldn't do that with anyone else. Do you absolutely, 100% need to make things awesome or is that a personal preference/calibration thing?

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I didnt know this was cheating until i saw how much it hurt him So my boyfriend and I have been together 8 months.

News Section - the latest news item is dated March 5 Taipei - When I open the Taipei Gay Sauna page, it is blank.

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