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In an interview with Us magazine, she recalled thinking: "OK, there is no way to shoot this unless you are buck naked.""Keaton plays a sophisticated playwright in Nancy Meyers' 2003 rom-com "Something's Gotta Give." But she shrieks in horror when the character's future love interest (Jack Nicholson) gets a head-to-toe view of her just as she's about to step into the shower.

It's an emotional space you don't want to occupy for long.

But rejection is a painful experience no matter how emotionally steeled you are, and it's impossible to ignore your feelings about it.

I am putting together a book and am requesting your help.

To add to other research I am under-taking, I would love to get your responses to this survey.

Or the one you take to the latest movie you want to see.

Either way, it's nice to be this type of relationship that is usually laid back and easy.

Classic Mistake Opposites attract is a myth, and nearly every relationship expert agrees it's a flawed dating philosophy.

If your objective is to have a romantic long-term relationship after age 50, you'll need to know exactly how to connect with the opposite sex on multiple levels so it has the potential to go somewhere.

All answers are strictly anonymous, nobody will be quoted verbatim, and you will earn my undying appreciation.

It is only ten questions, and all have multiple-choice answers, with options for “rather not say”, so I trust it is not invasive.

Jerry was a wealthy, highly successful, intelligent, divorced chap who worked in the film industry.

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