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Accommodating workforce diversity means resolving challenges associated with workforce diversity to improve the workplace and its employees.

Human resources leaders look for the return on investment in training and development materials; however, it’s often difficult to measure what percentage of money spent on training is actually worthwhile.

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Communication accommodation theory (CAT) is a theory of communication developed by Howard Giles.

It argues that, "When people interact they adjust their speech, their vocal patterns and their gestures, to accommodate to others." It explores the various reasons why individuals emphasize or minimize the social differences between themselves and their interlocutors through verbal and nonverbal communication.

, is key in building diverse communities that are powerful enough to achieve significant goals.

Whether you want to make sure your children get a good education, bring quality health care into your communities, or promote economic development, there is a good chance you will need to work with people from several different racial, language, ethnic, or economic groups.

Employers are responsible for their workers' physical and psychological health and well-being and should encourage tolerance and respect for cultural differences in the workplace.

You are entitled to wear your religious dress at work, unless it creates a safety hazard.

What do we know about differences in how girls and boys learn?

There are significant differences in the ways girls and boys learn, differences which are more substantial than age differences in many ways.

Accommodating workforce diversity allows organizations to join the ranks of thousands of other companies that realize the value of workforce diversity.

Large conglomerates get the most press about their workforce diversity efforts; however, small companies embracing diversity in big ways get good coverage as well.

They will have to support each other to stay with an effort, even when it feels discouraging.

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