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If so, there's plenty to choose from – from the first organic brewpub in the nation, to some of the early pioneers of the microbrew movement, to fantastic pubs and pizzerias with world-class beer lists. Anderson Valley Brewing Company For the bahlest* brews in town, head to the Tap Room at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company.The Tap Room has beers you won’t find outside of the brewery and, if you listen closely, you just might hear some locals harpin’ Boontling. North Coast Brewing Company A pioneer in the Craft Beer movement, North Coast Brewing Company opened in 1988 as a local brewpub in the historic town of Fort Bragg, located on California’s Mendocino Coast.A meditation hall, lined with the signature buddhas, is open to visitors who have checked-in during hours when prayers are not taking place. And a delicious vegetarian restaurant is located on site.

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You can visit for a day or two – many do, and they find plenty to love and rave to their friends about.

But to really discover the heart of Mendocino – this stretch of coastline that locals refer to as an island – you’ll want to take a bit longer.

Uniquely, while the latter’s land mass footprint covers a quarter million acres, the Mendocino Ridge AVA itself includes just the land 1,200 ft.

and above in elevation, or about 87,000 acres of which less than 2,000 acres are vineyards.

At its best, of course, Mendocino defies itineraries.

It is a place where time should slip away, where you should get so caught up in the beauty of your present excursion that everything else has to wait.

The over-arching “Mendocino County” appellation is home to a total of ten American Viticulutral Areas (AVAs) One of them is named, simply, “Mendocino AVA” which largely nests together six smaller AVAs that you may be familiar with (Anderson Valley, Yorkville Highlands, Mc Dowell Valley, Potter Valley, Redwood Valley, and America’s smallest AVA, Cole Ranch).

In addition, “Mendocino County” appellation also encompasses “Dos Rios” AVA, “Covelo” AVA, and "Mendocino Ridge" AVA.

So take these suggestions to heart, find inspiration for your visit, but in the end, your most beautiful Mendocino memories will be the ones not on this list – the ones you stumbled upon by accident on your way to your next agenda item. Take Highway 128 to Mendocino, passing through the beautiful Navarro Redwoods and Anderson Valley wine country.

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