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I suggest you keep it short, there’s nothing worse than spending hours with someone with nothing to say.

But no matter how deeply anchored our habits are, we have to trust people to come into our lives again.

This means opening up emotionally and showing that we are ready to give as well as to receive.

), introduced us to the cast of characters who would populate all three books: the author’s fellow nurse/midwives as well as the Anglican nuns at the convent out of which they worked.

A rich history of the people and the area of that time period is given, as well as numerous stories of births, both harrowing and joyful.

by Matthew Dicks This story introduces us to a parallel world inhabited by imaginary friends whose existence depends upon their “imaginer friends” believing in them.

Narrated by Budo, imaginary friend to Max, an eight-year old boy who “lives mostly on the inside.” Max is different from most of his peers, and because of this, he is often misunderstood and often bullied.

Ying (Sue) Su, who started counseling senior daters 10 years ago, used the web to help her gauge how common certain issues and topics were in the mature dating scene.

By participating and sharing polls and forum posts, she noticed a common problem when it came to their approach to online dating.

The main thing though is just enjoy it and take each new experience as it comes.

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