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The conservative radio talk show host hinted on his show Tuesday that he went on a boys-only trip with the cast of “24.” Chloe is no boy.If you saw the papers over the weekend, including , there were photos of Limbaugh planting a big kiss right on Rajskub’s lips during a dog-and-pony event at the Heritage Foundation. She is a graduate of Trenton High School in Michigan and attended the San Francisco Art Institute, studying painting.

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We're both geniuses, we're both incredibly wealthy, and we've both started schools in Africa.

"The fans are always coming up to me and telling me how much they miss the show. She had a role in the 2004 television movie Helter Skelter (with Nick Jameson, Endre Hules, Keith Szarabajka, John Lacy, and François Chau).

Via Rumors were swirling around Capitol Hill and beyond Tuesday that Rush Limbaugh is dating actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe O’Brian on the Fox series “24.” Though that still doesn’t explain the unauthorized bottle of little blue pills (shhh, Viagra!

) that customs agents found in Limbaugh’s luggage at Palm Beach International Airport on Monday.

No one at Heritage seemed to know whether Limbaugh and Rajskub were more than photo-op kissing buddies. Though why would Rush take Viagra on a boys-only trip?

A spokeswoman for Heritage who asked not to be named told HOH, “Nobody knows. He joked about the incident on-air Tuesday, on 630 WMAL, after getting caught having apparently traded in the hard stuff for the stuff that makes one hard.

On August 1, 2009, she married her fiancee, personal trainer Matthew Rolph, in Las Vegas.

Four years ago "24" actress Mary Lynn Rajskub was quoted as saying "I got into acting to avoid politics." Unlike most of her liberal colleagues, Miss Rajskub didn't discuss the subject and acted very accepting towards conservatives.

I choose to believe that Mary Lynn is a secret operative, tapped to use her superpowers as professional heartbreaker to destroy Rush's will to live.

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