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But I loved my husband, Mark, and for a while our relationship was quite passionate,” Lavelle explains.

“He was from Belgium, and we’d met as teenagers when his brother had been my pen-pal.

I prod him when he needsto be a bit more understanding andhe keeps my feet on the groundwhen I'm over-emotional. We loveeach other and have a reasonablesex life, so where's the problem?

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Myhusband is mostly decent,hardworking and kind, but also shyand self-centred; preferring hisown company, he finds people andsocialising difficult.

He finds itincredibly hard to 'share' himself orbe emotionally involved withanyone, myself included.

"I'm going down the parkway from Westchester, and it's very beautiful, very scenic, you know, the trees blowing in the wind, the sun coming through the clouds—and I had this crazy epiphany.""I was like: I'm gay. It's who I am." At the time, Nicole had been separated from her husband for a year and had begun exploring same-sex relationships but was in the midst of one last reconciliation attempt with him.

"I started having this fantasy that I'd just stay married until I was in my sixties, and one day I'd meet some woman and she and I would adopt old dogs and, like, live on a ranch," she says, laughing and shaking her head.

Oprah Winfrey received an email from a woman, married to a man for twenty-five years, who confessed to having a lesbian affair which lasted nearly three years.

She explained that she loved her husband but was not in the past: In April 2004, a show about men living on the “down low” aired, while in September of this year, former New Jersey Governor James Mc Greevey appeared on the show to discuss “His Gay Sex Scandal.” On today's show, women had a chance to tell their stories.

Lavelle, recently married, found she couldn’t relate to what they were saying.

"I just felt like I wouldn’t have been that bothered.

Nicole Sachs remembers perfectly the moment she realized she was gay.

"I was driving to the city to have dinner with a friend I've known since we were 19," she says.

Dear Bel I am a married woman, in my 40s,with children who are almostgrown-up.

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