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This will see the number of businesses needing to comply with Making Tax Digital (MTD) from April 2018 fall from 3.5 million to approximately 450,000.

The government stated the reason for the change is ‘businesses that are VAT registered already engage with HMRC on a quarterly basis online and so are better placed to make the transition to keeping digital records’.

We have had some informal discussion with HMRC on the former and none at all on the latter.

The proposed changes will have a significant impact, on small businesses in particular, but also self-assessment taxpayers, beginning with those whose tax affairs are more straightforward.

In my case, my goal for the past decade has been to scrounge and rummage around the IT community for details on technology policy changes that will be part of the President’s budget request coming in a few weeks.

Over the previous few years, the IT passback has been, well, underwhelming to say the least.

Several sources said that’s a mild concern as agencies need to be careful how they set up the digital services group.

BERLIN — DAB radio is not getting as much traction in Germany as it has in other European countries such as Norway, The UK, Switzerland, or the Netherlands, and now the German government is taking more of a proactive approach to the matter, according to

The federal chief information officer at the Office of Management and Budget stopped using the IT passback to introduce new policy priorities a few years ago. Multiple sources in the federal technology community confirmed the while the IT passback was mostly humdrum, there was one significant policy decision. 1, OMB is instructing agencies to set up their own digital services group modeled after those at the General Services Administration under 18F and the Veterans Affairs Department.

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