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Be it as it may, we are choosing it as the top place to see and thing to do if you two are feeling a bit adventurous.

Adrenaline sports are proven to do wonders when it comes to romance, love and sexual excitement.

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In Alcúdia the old town is well preserved with houses dating back to the 13th century. The area where Alcúdia is located has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, but it is with the arrival of the Romans that the city makes its entry in the history books.

The Romans used the beaches of Alcúdia bay when they captured the island in 123 B. Shortly after this the capital Palma was founded and then the city of Pollentia.

After the invasion of the Moors, a farmstead was created very close to where the ancient village of Pollentia had been.

The farm was called Alcúdia, which is Arabic for "on the hill".

The international airport, Palma de Mallorca Airport, is one of the busiest in Spain; it was used by 23.1 million passengers in 2014.

Little is recorded of the earliest inhabitants of the island.

It’s easy to find the date once you become a member of the Mallorca Dating community. As with any seasonal destination, there are top 10 things to do in Mallorca, or, to be more precise, top 10 places to take your date to in Mallorca.

Each has its own “soul” so, depending on the occasion, or individual character, you can pick a few from the list and spend a great day with the person you’ve met on Mallorca Dating.

From Pollentia it was possible to view both the bay of Pollenca and the bay of Alcúdia. The city was also mentioned in Rome since they here produced excellent fabrics that were used in the most exclusive togas.

After Rome lost its position as the dominant power in the western Mediterranean, Pollentia was attacked by pirates and several times by the Vandals.

The island eventually came under the control of Carthage in North Africa, which had become the principal Phoenician city.

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