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I don’t think necessarily anybody’s bringing them home to meet Mom and Dad, but like I said, it’s really a good representation at least of a few of the gay, military couples that I know that both happen to be enlisted. LM: Well, that’s all I’ve filmed to be perfectly honest with you. It’s going to make for a better world, a better country, I think. I would say that my education by my family was very special and different and accepting and I don’t know if that is the right thing for everybody, because everybody has different families and different friends and different circumstances.

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TV show description: This Civil War era historical drama focuses on the doctors, nurses, contraband laborers, and Confederate loyalists at the Mansion House Hospital in Union-occupied Alexandria, Virginia. A New Englander, abolitionist, and feminist, widowed nurse Mary Phinney (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) trained under Dorothea Dix, and is new to Mansion House Hospital.

Struggling with guilt over her inability to save the life of her late husband, Mary longs to make a difference. Jedediah Foster (Josh Radnor) is the privileged son of a wealthy Maryland land owner and grew up in a slave-owning family.

Series status: Cancelled Performers include: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Josh Radnor, Gary Cole, Peter Gerety, Donna Murphy, Norbert Leo Butz, Mc Kinley Belcher III, Shalita Grant, L.

Scott Caldwell, Hannah James, Wade Williams, Anna Sophia Robb, Tara Summers, Brad Koed, Luke Macfarlane, Cameron Monaghan, Suzanne Bertish, and Cherry Jones.

Luke Macfarlane plays Rick and the alum talked to The Backlot about the role, how gay couples in the military handle their relationship, working with Fehr as well as what else he’s been up to. It was just such a wonderful role for me and such a wonderful cast and show, but yes, I would be very happy to do that and hopefully something comes along, I keep hoping for it. Have you seen a change in the last five or ten years since we have out actors like Neil Patrick Harris playing straight roles? LM: That’s right and I think that that’s why I got into acting, you know, to play all kinds of different roles.

Let’s check in with one of our favorite out actors. was on the air, but safe to say you still hear from people about the show? Yes, it’s really exciting, and I think the other fields are opening up.He pegs the budget on special effects-laden "Killjoys" is "well north" of million per episode.That series was created by Michelle Lovretta, who previously created "Lost Girl." Does she pitch sci-fi shows because she thinks they'll sell? "You've got to be crazy if you come into an environment of a pitch and say, 'I want to have a bisexual succubus — and by the way, in my next show, I want to have people fly off into very expensive space." How expensive?News: In a statement both subtle and substantive, Wentworth Miller came out as gay yesterday, writing a powerful letter to the head of a Russian film festival and condemning that nation for its anti-homosexual legislation. Newly discovered book excerpts reveal that Wentworth Miller, the star of Prison Break, had an impressive artistic run as a 19-year old English literature student at Princeton.And Hollywood continues to applaud Miller for taking such a powerful, brave stance. The Prison Break star and the blonde cutie caused a stir went they were spotted together back in April 2007, and celebrity gossip photographers have now snapped shots of the duo together again. "Between" (Thursday, June 30 on City; Friday on Netflix) stars Jennette Mc Curdy ("i Carly," "Sam & Cat"), Jesse Carere and Steven Grayhm.

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