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"They're trying to find out whether looks matter through the hilarity of dating in a pitch-black room," is how Daniels sells the concept to me.The episode featuring him, filmed last autumn, is due to air some time in June. "I had one date [in the dark room] with a girl where I took my kayak paddle in there with me," says Daniels.Dating in the Dark has been sold to more than 20 territories, including the US and Australia, and aired in the UK on Sky Living between 20.

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The UK broadcaster, which owns Talpa, has tapped another of its companies, UK firm Twofour, to produce the series (6×60′) and will air it on ITV2.

Dating in the Dark sees singletons looking for love take residence at a luxury mansion, with dates taking place in a pitch-black room.

Will she cause another stir when she enters the dating room this week?

Georgina tells the guys only that she is a musician, so this time it will be her personality rather than her famous family that causes any hubbub.

Mr and Mrs What happens after the heady rush of romance settles down into the comfortable routine of married life? Take Davina Mc Call (or Holly Willoughby for one series) and a camera crew out onto the streets of Britain, get them to find a single person, then lead that singleton around to eye up people they fancy around town.

Well, if you were a ring-sporting British couple from the mid 60s to 2010, you could always go on Mr and Mrs, a white-knuckle quiz show in which pairs of committed lovebirds were tested on their knowledge of each others’ everyday habits. If the person they decide that they fancy is also single, send them on a date and record their reactions the following day. Simples, as that blinking meerkat might have put it. Ever been on one and want to share your experiences?Halsted, while happy to take part, admitted feeling uncomfortable on the set. "Every time, the director would say 'let's do it again'. "It brings athletes opportunities they wouldn't get at any other time and it's really nice to have these unique, strange opportunities to take advantage of."But you have to be careful of just how many people are interested in using and abusing you.Examining the role of aesthetic attraction in falling in love, the programme offers six singletons the chance to get to know each other in a whole new way – in total darkness!Three single women share one half of a specially designed house, while three bachelors share the other half – with the men and women only meeting each other in the pitch-black ‘Dating Room’. Georgina Baillie was at the heart of the Sachs-gate scandal when Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross taunted her grandfather about her sex life.Gain instant access to uk and take a look at the latest issue and supplements.

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