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Surely for every GM there are, on average, four players? But I cannot pretend that I embody all of these things all at once all the time; they’re just advice, I guess, extrapolated from more than my fair share of time spent playing RPGs on both sides of the screen, and looking at players and seeing what I like and what I dislike. Job One for you as a player is to do stuff; you should be thinking, at all times – “What are my goals? ” You are the stars of a very personal universe, and you are not going to get anywhere by sitting on your arse and waiting for adventure to come and knock on your door. If you’re not playing the sort of character that would do such a thing, find something you can affect, and affect it. Realise that your character does not exist outside of the things you have said. Do some business, shrewdly, in front of everyone else. Maybe work with the group to build a character that fits in. Oh ho, here’s a jolly thief that nicks stuff from the other party members! I don’t think genocide is a crime if we’re talking about Kender.) If you steal from other players, you are exerting power over them in a really messy, underhanded sort of way. But do make an effort to learn the rules, obviously, if you’re keen on sticking around in the hobby.) But for the love of God, don’t rules-lawyer. It is not hard to work out, because here is a simple guide – if you are arguing over a rule for more than twenty seconds, you are a rules lawyer. It is hard to think of a way to be more dismissive of someone’s game than playing a different game during it. A good GM should go with what you’re saying, anyway, unless it really goes against their plan. A good GM doesn’t monologue, or have their NPCs have long discussions, or make players sit back and watch while their world plays out. I know that I get pretty het up when the dice don’t favour me – when I’ve spent ages waiting to have my turn in a large game, say, or when I’m using some special power, or when I’ve been talking a big talk for a while or described some fancy action – and I use some pretty bad language, too. I need to learn to treat failure as a story branch, not a block.

There’s this weird disconnect, that the responsibility to entertain lies squarely with the person behind the screen, and that the players just turn up and absorb it. So this is a thing I have written, because there is not enough of it online. Hopefully you can get something useful out of it, if you play a lot of games. If you keep finding yourself pushed to the back of scenes and twiddling your thumbs – why is such a boring character hanging around with the sort of people that Get Shit Done? You can write as many pages of backstory as you like, mate, but they don’t factor in one bit to the game unless you show them happening. Your character is part of the story; this is not your character’s story. And their Sleight of Hand roll is so high that no-one will ever notice! You are the Health and Safety Inspector of roleplaying games, and you need to stop talking, because you are sucking the fun out of the game. If you can’t give your full attention, step away from the table. If you find yourself getting so bored by what’s going on you’re resorting to playing a game on your phone, or reading a book, or checking Facebook, then step away from the game. I’ve had seduction attempts, obviously, and that’s fine. I’ve even had someone negotiate time with a skin-thief alien to reanimate a cat for the purposes of sexual pleasure as part of a heist. So know when to shut up, and to keep your descriptions short – unless you’re an incredible storyteller, of course. And not “fun” bad language, like we all do when we’re gaming.

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And of course, it’s up to the GM to offer an entertaining game. If you think you might have upset someone, then ask ’em, quietly.

And if you have, apologise, and stop talking about that particular thing.

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