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Read on to learn what Mc Combs and other experts recommend when approaching this intimate topic.Talking about these topics can also help build a foundation for a better relationship as you learn about each other and explore new things together, all while being on the same page.

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Biking for Success Taking the Bus Riding the train Walking Instead of Driving Community Q&A You’ve made the decision to live without a car. While a car is a useful solution to getting from place to place, it can also cost a lot of money to maintain. Without one, you’ll save time and money while getting healthier at the same time.

Say goodbye to road-rage and traffic, and embrace your new calmer, more peaceful (and more money-filled) life.

Speaking from her personal experience, she argued that hardcore pornography had distorted the way a generation of young men think about sex, and talked about how she was fighting back with the launch of a website to correct the myths being propagated.

Later, she expanded her brief presentation into a provocative and thought-provoking TED Book.

Especially when it’s about what we want from, and even during, sex. The willingness to talk about the kind of sex we have or want to have is a key skill.

Kate Mc Combs, a sex and relationships educator, points out, “When you avoid those vital conversations, you might avoid some awkwardness, but you’re also settling for suboptimal sex.” By having these conversations, you and your partner’s relationship can have emotional, psychological, and mental benefits.

Discussing your health with people you’re going to be sexually intimate with can be awkward.

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