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I want it to be bigger than just a dance class, though of course there are people that just want to come, have a dance class and leave.'Of course, it is not easy to travel as much as they wish as tickets can be expensive, and naturally it takes a lot of dedication to keep on training, sometimes months and months of endless rehearsals.

When used properly, the eye is immediately drawn to the framed subject.

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Sheila, 18, got a new $129 webcam, while “Katneko,” 19, raked in teen reading classics like “Catcher in the Rye,” “Of Mice and Men,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” plus a Depeche Mode CD, a scanner and a $250 gift certificate to the site Fetish Factory.

The gifts came from total strangers and online friends alike, people the girls had gotten to know through their Web sites.

It was just what she wanted, because she’d asked for it on her wish list.

But that’s nothing compared to the loot that a fellow “cam girl” friend has raked in off of hers: “Somebody bought her a really nice digital camera, a graphing calculator and a $100 gift certificate,” Charisma says.

Teen webcams have met the e-commerce version of the wedding registry — the wish list.

And the result of this virtual marriage is an online beg-fest that makes it easy to take candy from strangers on the Internet.

Slovenska junakinja Petra Majdič je po padcu pred kvalifikacijami premagala bolečino in si priborila tako željeno olimpijsko medaljo.

Pred njo sta bili le Norvežanka Marit Bjoergen in Poljakinja Justina Kowalczyk .

There are mini stories happening around us everyday.

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