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She doesn't charge men or woman who are simply looking to chat, she said. Just make them feel better about their life and themselves."Aniyah averages 0 per night but has earned as much as 0. I can be Mommy."When asked what empowers her as a woman, Aniyah said it's all about getting pretty and feeling good about yourself. Getting rid of my stress and being someone else helps me be a stronger person for my kids."Lani The 23-year-old called Lani was the second to grip the pole Friday.

In this occasional series, the Daily News offers a glimpse into the day-to-day lives of folks who work a variety of jobs. I was an 18-year-old who didn't know what she was doing."Aniyah's friend nudged her toward the stage, beginning her 12-year career.

OKALOOSA ISLAND – On the pole, she answers to the stage name Aniyah. "My friend worked at a place in Panama City and she came and got me and said, 'Let's go make your rent money,'" Aniyah said.

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The owners of recently called a press conference to announce that they have recruited top fashion models from around the world to appear in the live events.

"I go to the beach, read books, go to school plays. I have a normal life."At 8 p.m., more than two customers entered the Red Rose, which signaled it was time for the women to enter the floor.

Aniyah sat at the bar smoking a cigarette while chatting with one of her customers.

Dee Dee Blancharde never seemed to let go of Gypsy Rose's hand.

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