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I also attended seminars along with professional trade shows and allowed mentoring by others who had more expertise.

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The content of this article has been updated regularly, often monthly, to be as up to date as possible citing other's research too (including fish food expert/guru Clay Neighbors).

The content is based on part on my extensive observations as well as tests in fish nutrition dating all the way back to 1978 utilizing my 1000s of client aquariums I had under contract, including the Bahooka Restaurant with over 110 custom aquariums where I had complete control of feeding and therefore was easily able to take notes in in trials of different methods and long term results (since I maintained these aquariums for years).

Near the end of this article I do discuss some live, frozen and freeze dried foods.

Regardless of whether the fish' diet is 100% prepared or prepared that is supplemented with live/frozen (which I have had test fish do very well in controlled tests on 100% prepared foods), you want to seek a fish food that has the lowest amount of supplementation as well as one that is optimized as per energy points, fiber, and proteins to make the food viable diet. Any prepared fish food that has to add vitamin, mineral, and other supplements to bring their food up to higher standards is obviously not providing these via optimal ingredients and/or is cooking them out via the preparation process (such as making flakes or pellets versus crumbles which destroys less of the nutrition value).

Customer says: “Hey my fish are fighting and it looks like Mr. The pond kinda smells a bit too…” Pond Pro says: “Cool, congratulations! Of course, a bit earlier or a bit later, a bit longer or a bit shorter of a spawning season depending upon where you live.

Because its spawning time for koi and goldfish and the customer will soon have fish babies! One of those “seasons” in our ponds, is spawning season; which typically occurs during May through June.

Then one day spawning season hits and our fish are at each others throats, or at least chasing each others tails.

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