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My first review ever was published on a still baby by Andrew. We grew together in this crazy business, and we survived without never compromise.

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I got my boys Dario Seixas (Jack Russell’s Great White, Firehouse, Goodbye Thrill…) killing on the bass and Backing Vocals and my little brother Alex Ferreira (Goodbye Thrill) thundering on the Drums and Backing Vox and Myself on Vocals, guitars, Acoustic guitar and keys.

Thanks to Andrew of MMR, there was no rush on this album, instead an exchange of ideas and suggestions such as the opening intro (I was never a big fan of intros) but the one on the CD is exactly what was missing.

We specialize in the purchase and sales of equipment worldwide so international customers are welcome. No matter where you are located - we can work with you.

Currently 41% of our business is international and we have customers on every continent.

Items must have a retail price over $1,000 in order for us to consider buying them unless they are part of an entire system.

We buy and/or help you sell complete systems, worldwide.

Each router cost ,600 for a total of million and were paid for with federal stimulus dollars.

Each router is capable of serving a computer network with tens of thousands of users, such as the network of a large university campus; however the routers were installed at sites with only a few users, such as government offices, schools, libraries and other public offices.

I also had a pleasure to co-write one of the songs on with our record label mate Marc Farrano of Faith Circus. Lots of work but great results, makes even more special. We can wait to share it with all our fans out there! And as of right now, this is the ONLY place you can order the set and be assured a copy.

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