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Later on, Sam’s fellow winner Damian Mc Ginty (Rory) tweeted a pic of the two pals together on set. which brought us talent like Damian Mc Ginty, Samuel Larsen and Lindsay Pearce! The lucky fourteen will get the chance to work with Lea Michele, as she steps in this season to guest mentor!

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Robert Ulrich, the casting director of Glee and The Glee Project, saw a show that she sang in and asked her to audition for The Glee Project.

She auditioned in person and went through all stages and became one of the Top 12, going through all stages of the competition to become a runner-up, winning a 2 episode guest-starring role on Glee. Beyond Glee and The Glee Project, she lived with fellow Glee Project contestant, Hannah.

Which is why I was sitting in a black Ford Taurus, parked in front of my temporary home. Headaches stirred already, not caused from jet lag. I was experiencing a minor buzz while leaning on the bar, the sweatshirt hood over my head. Jerkface, I sort of blacked out from mu drunken spurt. Waking up as a girl, if you never did, is never dull.

The next minute I’m a witness to an internal mafia crime and the criminal threatened me I’ll be whacked. With that much alcohol in my system I was waiting for that familiar tipsy feeling. I snapped wide-awake when I felt my tail, then everything else. You start exploring until you hopefully change back.

But how will Blaine feel about his boyfriend spending so much time with Samuel?

All of Mc Kinley is abuzz with the news of an exchange student, especially after Rachel learns that Damian was in a popular Irish boy band.For all the crap I gave the series earlier this summer, The Glee Project floored me with a finale featuring great performances, believable character growth, and the happiest ending I’ve seen on any reality competition, ever. The Glee Project was always going to make the casting decisions that would bring in the most new viewers—especially after Glee’s 3D concert movie proved a box-office disappointment.To say that I watched Sunday night’s episode gleefully would be both obnoxious and accurate—who would’ve thought I could be so moved by a show I thought I hated? ) winners of The Glee Project are the two cutest guys, Samuel and Damian. And even though I’m confident this outcome was telegraphed from the beginning, I was delighted by the sheer joy of the proceedings.Kurt admits that Harmony was good but that Rachel has the fierce personality to make it through.In Hold On To Sixteen, Harmony performs Buenos Aires with The Unitards at Sectionals 2011.As of this writing, authorities are treating the attack as a "terrorist incident." Related: Celebs React To The Manchester Attack According to sources, the singer is "in hysterics" regarding the situation, especially over the fact that young people went out to see her perform.

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