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He has proved he has staying power, but something you may not know about him is his love for music.

He has a new compilation album coming out soon, so I decided to ask him, "15 Questions." How can parents help their own children say no to affluenza?

He quickly deleted and then apologized, admitting he was "wrong" to go there.

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I don't think she gets very much credit—she's tried. It could happen in the future, but right now we need to see Lindsay get straightened out."Fast-forward to today and Lohan has nothing but sympathy for Trump—though she was a quick to add that she's a Hillary Clinton fan, even though she isn't planning to vote this year.

(We object—Lindsay, get your absentee ballot, so long as you're allowed to vote.)"I know Donald Trump, he is a nice person," she said. My dad was a broker when he was younger, so I know that part of the world. They are just making too much of a spectacle out of the election and they're being mean.

This list contains information about celebrities who are commonly thought of as "straight" who have had same-sex relationships, loosely ranked by fame and popularity.

Several actors, musicians, and athletes have had same-sex relationships—some identify as straight, some identify as bi, and others choose not to label their sexuality.

This list includes celebrities who had established same-sex relationships, rather than just same-sex encounters.

So, Eddie Murphy isn't on the list below, but listed here.

She can help guide you to the other side of fear; identify your patterns that hold you back and help you to redefine them so that you can authentically show up in the world. "Was Lindsay Lohan paid to endorse their presidential candidate on social media?

She believes when you feel safe, you are limitless, and is on a personal mission to make Safety, Sexy. " -- wondered the Internet in the Southern Hemisphere.

According to Us, Sam's mom and sister went to police in Beverly Hills to find out how they could get a restraining order against Lohan.

"They were directed to the court to get a restraining order," Beverly Hills Sgt.

Nutall told the site, although he wouldn't confirm that the inquiry was about Lohan.

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