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The lab also offers C: N, %C and %N measurements on collagen extracted from non-cremated bones in addition to δ15N and δ13C at no additional cost for samples sent for radiocarbon dating.

The lab also provides stable isotope analyses on a standalone basis.

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Limes and lemons are from the same citrus fruit family, rich in vitamin C but different in color.

Limes are green and smaller, whereas lemons are yellow and big in size.

Figure 4 A rotary kiln designed to produce 5000 tonnes per day of clinker.

About 7500 tonne of ground raw material (known as raw meal) are required for that output.

The uses are described below, in more detail, in terms of different industries.

Limestone has been used as a building material since the Stone Age.

I served mine with avocados and loved it but it’s also amazing just as it is.

I also want to try it with minute brown rice next time (then I’d just add 5 minutes to the resting period as listed on the package).

Indeed, the largest use of limestone and the various forms of lime is still in the construction industry, particularly in road building and building projects, from vast in size, bridges and skyscrapers, to houses.

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