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8 The Radio Front, by E, Kay, Avery Thompson and James Q. 8 Music, by Robert Bagar 10 Know Your Commentator, by Jamea Q. Mor- rison 12 Complete Program* for This Weak 14-32 Feminine Forum, by Edith Hampton S3 What's Cooklngl by Georgia Scott 35 Cover PHoto by NBC Volume 12, Number 18 February 6-12. We must, even as wc have begun doing in French North Africa, insure (Continued on Page Facing 36) RESEARCH is vita! years ahead or ha industry- (1»1* HOUSE CURRENT SITS . The trio is now in Algiers entertaining servicemen there, after a lengthy stay in England at the same chore. The programs will offer alternating groups of German and French songs, but each program will have a group of pieces by English and American composers. There is nothing wrong with that idea, certainly, The music doesn't pretend to be anything but straightforward program music.

1943 aurnv Miito unoc Carl A 8ctuocdrr m an aq inq Ultoa. in a news- caster's work, and Miss Bemis turns often to well-stocked library in her own apartment. These are the days when pub- licity agents don't have to tie awake nights dreaming up dramatic incident;, to tack onto the stars. The African front isn't beer and skittles, to say the least, and we're sure the girls will have plenty of hair-raising incidents to relate when they return to Movietown . Hollywood spun on Us collective eat when Ginger Rogers, who's been a bachelor girl for six years, up and married Jack Briggs. Jack's name had been linked with Bonita Granville's around town, when he was in Hollywood as an HKO player. «w «*f .n* » »*..•» »» wno r*clult C9* ANOTHER "first" in the career of author, painter, opera star Lofte Lehmann is her new Monday series of song recitals over CBS The American Art Arluro Toscanini's latter-day addic- tion to American music is one of the marvels of our time. It happens to be inter- esting, melodious, well harmonized. I can think of many items which haven't got half the vigor or sincerity or down- right directness that this creation boasts.

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There is also an option to join in group messaging, exchanging pictures, videos, and audio messaging as well.Sadece premium üyeler diğer kullanıcıların web kamerasını görüntüleyebilir.Ömür boyu premium (ALTIN) üye olmak ve bu özelliği açmak için yapmanız gereken tüm hediyeleri bir kere de satın almanızdır. Among those men and women, we should lite to include the farmers of America, those hard-working citizens who are doing, against terrific odds, the prodigious tost of providing food not only for war workers' needs but for our fighting forces and our allies. He had for- gotten a psycho-sociological fact — that it's better, far better, to help people help themselves. ran ed lis ■ t Ueappeartlut nah note an- ti fin trawi plan Wavema* IWU o pi -. W hat r ruakliu: Is a military w ret Hut three Uilaan we Fout. RADIONICS the New Miracle Induttry 1917 WAR RUN BV TEIEPHONL 1943 WAR RUM BY RADIO J our «rcat tntiarrii M an tlf MTInn] tu ]rn _ JACK LARUE, famous ex-movie villain, and his wife listen to Tommy Dorsey's music at the Hollywood Palladium. The old dog loves affection, and Merle was so pleased that he kept up the good work without prompting that she gave him an extra hug one morning. He stood there wagging his tail so joyfully that Merle didn't have the heart to scold him. Lehmann expects, some day, to paint her impressions of music — of operatic music, of song mu- sic, perhaps, even of symphonic music. They are giving what no army can live without — food for defense! Today, the United States and the United Nations are planning tn be phi- lanthropists, to help the occupied countries. I l..t- •| 1 rii V~i]emeas*Ut^~tlsatr RADIO 11EI t;n ION M'llouaj. Jack left screen to become actor's agent —lack aisi.i -■vuta l«lt»( ANNE SHIRLEY (above) has taken over Martha Mature's sailorman, Pat Nierney, the son of a prominent socialite BOB WALLACE, former Movie- town photographer, has pretty Julie Bishop kiss his raffle ticket for good luck at the Canteen HOLLYWOOD HOC RAISER CANT BUY A POUND OF BACON! Throwing a coat over her pajamas, she made the rounds and returned the purloined papers . She wants to paint people, too, people and scenes and life. WOOD BUR' Medal i American- African Uniform on "Army Hour" page 2 Photo-Stories: "This Is the Army Hour" and "The Commandos Strike at Dawn" MU5/ C / lo°' is 1 cle- IN 7^ SHAKE W ,n HEAVENLY MUSIC TO LIFT YOU TO THE SKIES! Please addreaa all correspondence in refer- ence to aiibscriptlona to the Bubacrlptlon Department 731 Plymouth Court. Now Cobina, right, is in the movie "Three Hearts for Julia," Above: Elvia (Cobina) Allman poses out of character WIDOW in real life, Cobina was wife of C. From Melbourne, Aus- tralia, comes word that she has Just been adopted by 645 soldier boys, who voted her the "Girl They Would Most Like to Leave Behind." From Esca- naba, Michigan, they tell her she has been adopted by the bachelor girls of the town as "The Career Woman Most Likely Never to Get Married." Letters from plastic surgeons and cosmeticians from all parts of the nation guarantee that with their treatment she could be made into a reasonable facsimile of a not unattractive woman. And Hollywood knows her to be one of the most steadily dated glamour girls, in a town where even the dime-store clerks and waitresses look like Hedy Lamarr. My entrance into the world was ill-timed and caught my mother in the fields of our farm. Or else they grew ashamed of the (act that the Fates were against them, and began to feel subsidized. IN WHICH WE SERVE (Spe eia J) (WVW): Noel Con-mi'" movie bombshell. LIFE BEGINS AT EIGHT THIRTY (WV): Fine dramatic lire for adults, Marring Ida I.upino and Monty Woolley. MINIVER (Special) (WVW) : War time drama, bated on Jan Struther'i novel. Only now does she feel the truth and the force of it. I asked her which she preferred to sing, songs or operas. She said, "Songs, of course, though there was a time, a long time, when I thought opera was the only thing. It is much more difficult to express musical and dra- matic ideas through a song, much more." One of the things she dislikes about singing in opera is that an artist be- comes typed. You might say that such and such a person was a Mimi soprano, or a Vio- letta soprano, or a Tosca soprano. There should be no limits to the repertory of un ;niis T. It was never like that with the great per- formers of the past, you know.

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