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Lo reptilianos son seres de Orion y de Zeta Reticuli que esclavizaron a los extraterrestres del tipo "Gris".

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Visit the Antique Jewelry Investor Resource Center... sideways 8 / infinity symbol / another unknown symbol STERLING I AM LOOKING FOR ANY INFORMATION ON THIS RING! What does a stylized hallmark "R" on 14K gold represent? I've beeen told my ring is 18 ct white gold and there are three diamonds; a large one in the middle and smaller diamonds on either side of the large central … I have a small 14K gold malachite cabachon ring in a very simplistic plain setting. It was my wife's great grand mothers, who lived in Newfoundland Canada. diamond and 9 carat gold ring for my 18th birthday! my 18th birthday was a week ago and my mum knows my love of all things antique and old so she got me a rather cute and dainty secondhand diamond and 9 … Please let me know the meaning of this (hall)mark and the time period ? can you identify the maker of this huge ab rhinestone and sterling pendant? I A Stamp on Blue Sapphire and Diamond 14K White Gold Ring I purchased a 14KT white gold, blue sapphire and diamond ring from an antique dealer approximately 2 years ago. RE ANTIQUE RING HALLMARK ID |Triangle Symbol HAVE A RING WITH HALLMARK INSIDE IT WITH '4KT ' FOLLOWED BY A TRIANGLE SYMBOL... 10K with ADL and 10K with GTA or GTR marked gold rings Hi, I have 2 gold rings with genuine blue Topaz stones each. Can you tell me please what hallmark (country) this is?

Pic was taken with basic digital cam, no frills, close-up very difficult - even in macro! Hello, I have a golden ring (22.6 carat) with rock crystals. It's a 23- stone ring with a larger middle stone and two a little less on either side. I found another ring online that is for sale with the same mark, the description …

Mientras que Carlos Salinas es un reptiloide draconiano alado, es decir, miembro de la realiza reptiliana, Manlio Fabio Berltrones pertecene a una elite de Dragones Grises, al servicio de la realeza draconiana.

Nótese la mancha gris en la mejilla izquierda del senador, lo mismo que las marcas debajo de sus ojos, corresponden a escamas grises.Up to four photos can be uploaded with each submission. It's stamped 14A with a barred capital letter I or 3 tally marks … I have an "H" with another mark inside an oval on my gold plated 925 diamond pendant. I got ahold of a gold plated, 925 sterling silver & diamond pendant. Whilst searching for my elusive cell phone, I happened upon this strange ring. letter c with what looks like a horses head on either side We have a silver plated dish with the mark with what looks like the letter c with a horses head on eithe side and a number 3157. circle with a k in it - antique butterfly broach I have a antique butterfly broach with diamonds on the wings and emerald eye. Another cursive H next to 14k, but with a photo ... Marks on a gold sapphire & diamond half eternity ring The ring I have has the mark T. I was robbed and need to know the appox value of my grandmother's wedding band. The metal is gold on silver (I think) as the ring is marked on the inside thus: GOLSIL … Wonderful old watch, high quality, about 1 TCW diamonds (nice, old but not mine cuts) and genuine saphhire … Pocketwatch Case Hallmarks and Maker's Marks - Austro-Hungarian? Found gold ring metal detecting | What are the hallmarks? Inside is stamped with a five point star then 554 AR and 750. I have a gold ring from England with a large fire opal the ring does not have any other markings except S&G all in caps and no other hallmark....it holds a large 15mm x 9mm fire opal in a pear shape... Soldier's LEFT facing profile in verticle hex shaped box...... The furthest to the right is a LEFT facing soldier/warrior figure with a skullcap type helmet in a hexagonal …All Hallmark questions will be answered as soon as possible. If you feel like replying to any of the questions, please join in. I think I have a genuine 14K Puffed Mariner / Gucci Link Chain (mayby) ??? Golden ring, 22.6 carat and rock crystal - hallmark VS. I made sure it was real diamonds by going to the jewelers. It is marked with 750 and under it is a k inside a circle. shape of 2 diamonds followed by a C on Gold Plated Necklace we have a necklace that is gold plated, .925..makers mark is 2 diamond shapes side by side, followed by the capital letter C. I have a ring that was given to me with the following markings inside. Antique ladies wristwatch, diamond, 'Platine' with a goat(? I recently acquired an antique pocketwatch (Swiss movement), with a gold or gold-filled case whose markings I have not been able to identify. Identifying possible French gold hallmark and maker's mark on a ring These are photos of a gold ring showing what appears to be a hallmark of an Eagle's Head in one photo, and in the other photo, a possible maker's mark … | Gold Ring I have an old 18K White Gold Ring left to me by a Great Great Aunt. I think that the 750 means 18 kt but would you know … J, 9, .375, anchor (side), letter 'i' I have a cigarette holder made of bone or plastic and the top looks more like a copper colour than gold. White Gold or Silver ring marked "DB" Hi, I have a vintage diamond and white gold or silver ring that is marked "DB".Escribe a [email protected] por Whats App al número anterior. Lo primero que debemos tener en cuenta es el nombre de TODAS las notas que existen en la música.Nota: como siempre, todas las consultas que tengan que ver con el sitio web deberán ser formuladas mediante el formulario normal y en la clase pertinente, de otra forma, no serán respondidas. Esto es algo que todos tenemos bastante claro, pero verifiquemos si lo que pensamos que es correcto realmente lo es; las notas partiendo desde el C (DO) son: C D E F G A B C Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do Ahora, si quisieramos tocar esto en la guitarra tendriamos que tocar de forma consecutiva siempre en la quinta cuerda el traste 3 C, el traste 5 D, el traste 7 E, etc… como queda claro la nota C la obtenemos de tocar el traste 3 de la quinta cuerda y el D el traste 5 de la misma cuerda, entonces, Esta nota intermedia queda a igual distancia de la nota C que de la nota D, es decir que podríamos decir que es “un poco mas que C”, medio tono más, o “un poco menos que D”, medio tono menos.Por su parte, López Dóriga tiene una membrana que se observa CLARAMENTE en su ojo izquierdo y esa protuberancia que se observa CLARAMENTE, marcada por el círculo, es una escama Nótense las membranas reptiloides de sus ojos que se ven de forma CLARA Y EVIDENTE, así como los clústers de escamas que se observan de manera evidente también, debajo de su labio inferior.

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