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Founded in 2000 by People Media, a well-known niche online dating network, LDSPlanet is one of the longest-running and most trusted LDS dating sites.

Since 2001, LDSMingle has matched thousands of couples, one being Shannon and Jared, who had this to say: “To anybody still wondering, yes, you can find amazing, Christ-like people and relationships online!

And, yes, you can even find eternal, temple-sealing-type marriages online with sites like this!

We can each take the lead and change dating ourselves!

To borrow from the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi and adapt it, “Be the change that you wish to see in dating.” Here are six ways we can be the change we wish to see in the Mormon dating game!

It is extremely easy to blame all of your dating problems on the opposite gender, but that leads to nothing but bitterness.

Instead, of saying “If only girls did this” or “If only guys did that,” each one of us can change dating!I’ve also heard a few horror stories about these sites involving the usual internet skulduggery, but I guess I’d rather my pal make friends with fake Mormon people online than Russian gangsters. For those who end up in the dating phase of life longer than they planned it becomes one of their greatest trials to endure cheerfully.An old friend of mine is Mormon, and I remember she used to meet her boyfriends at church functions or other LDS-related events.Because this was before online dating really took off, and because she wanted to be with someone who practiced the same religion, it seemed like she was kinda limited to these activities.“In cultures where dating or courtship is acceptable, dating can help you develop lasting friendships and eventually find an eternal companion,” it reads in the pamphlet.

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