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But Kazakhstan – despite being the world’s ninth largest country by landmass – remains one of those places.

Relatively few in the West, and even many in the Central Asian region, have a real idea what life is like – particularly for expats – in this multi-ethnic, former Soviet Republic.

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And while most come to Kazakhstan for a short time to scope out opportunities or close a deal and then fly back to their home countries, others have found this unique county with its mix of Asian, Russian, and Western influences and its young and changing culture to be a place they want to settle.

Kazakhstan is situated between the East and the West.

Many single beautiful European girls and women are not able to find their soul mate in their own countries and are attracted by western men. Take Russian and Ukrainian single ladies seeking foreign husband from China and America for example.

The number of women is much larger than that of men in their own country.

The largest oil find in the world in the last 40 years was in Kazakhstan and it is a top 20 gas supplier.

The country has also become the world’s swing uranium supplier and is now a key producer of rare earth metals – the elements necessary to manufacture high tech goods.

Brass knuckles, attempted break-ins, bizarre opium plant-and-frisks – to say nothing of the near-daily harassment, and worse, for the female volunteers – all added up to a setting those DC-based officials deemed far too dire to pursue. Despite the imagery of , the last ten years in Kazakhstan have been among the brightest of any nation. Staking deep oil-fields, and buffeted as it was from the subprime and Euro crises, we arrived in a Kazakhstan sated in promise, into a land as self-assured and self-reliant as it had ever been.

Twenty years in, and the future was as bright as you could find in the post-Soviet world. This summer provided a sort of hinge, a passage from a much-lauded stability to something far … Reality began settling of a nation post-Nazarbayev.

On Wednesday afternoon, standing coat-less in a soft snowfall, I learned that I would be forced to leave Kazakhstan in but a handful of days. Language skills are only just sticking, and our teaching impacts are only just sinking in.

We’re only, just now, beginning to make a legitimate impact. And now it’s all being wrested from us, halted by a slew of suits who believe they know what’s best. They’re the ones, after all, who’ve compiled both numbers and stories. * * * Before arriving last March we’d read that Kazakhstan maintained a manageable and enviable stability, serving as an oasis of tranquility among its besieged neighbors.

This country, which is five times bigger than France and 1.6 times bigger than Quebec, fascinates by the variety of its picturesque landscapes, an exquisite cuisine and its rich cultural heritage.

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