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Whether or not I despise Spike is my new barometer of how good an episode is! Something, I’m amused to note, that Lorne doesn’t really seem to give a rat’s ass about. And once in a while he gets really pissy, but he just grasps his green forehead in pain, breathes deeply and probably imagines Numfar doing one of those dances he does so well, and then his perky little self is back. Angel and Eve are jokingly told to get a room, so they go do it like drunken rabbits in Angel’s office.

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Jonathan is resistant, and Clark loudly asks why he's never met his grandfather, and complains that every time he is mentioned, it is met with uncomfortable silence. (Lana has the first two periods free.) As he exits Lex's Porsche, he encounters Terrence Reynolds, Smallville High School's new principal.

Jonathan vaguely says there is too much bad blood between them. She is going through old boxes and finds a photograph of her mother hugging an unidentified man. He takes Clark to task for being tardy and expresses disdain for Lex. Reynolds was headmaster at Excelsior Academy when Lex attended.

A man she knew far too well…, a lonely shopkeeper offers shelter to a beautiful, not so innocent miss to overcome the bitter memories of Christmases past, but could such a wicked connection ever lead to a happily-ever-after?

A dashing spy with marriage on his mind seeks to rekindle the spark by any means possible with the woman who claimed his heart inby Donna Cummings, a young widow chooses a handsome rogue to be her first lover, but his regrets from a past Christmas may end their affair before it even commences.

Meanwhile, Lana discovers an old photograph that suggests her father may still be alive.

A recurring theme in the episode is history repeating itself.

Dave has been a camper, volunteer, summer staffer, previous Assistant Property Manager, and now, after going to seminary at Regent College, working as a weekend manager at Plain Hardware, and serving as the Executive Director at Glacier Camp in Montana, has now been led to serve as Executive Director at Tall Timber.

His lovely bride, Christie, and three beautiful children (Serenity, Micah and Kyler) love camping too.

The Collection features pieces by Archibald Knox, Charles Ashbee and the Guild of Handicraft, Omar Ramsden and Alwyn Carr, A E Jones, the Keswick School of Industrial Art, Kate Harris, Gilbert Marks and the Artificers Guild.

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