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In 2009, Sofie Amalie Klougart traveled to Mombasa, Kenya with the nonprofit Action Aid.

Young people are increasingly consensually exchanging intimate images, which may later become fodder for humiliating cyberbullying attacks, with these images spreading quickly and often uncontrollably.

Often these images are originally intended for an individual or only a small number of other people but are disseminated more widely than the originator consented to or anticipated.

I questioned myself a lot and asked myself why I had desires that saw no moral barriers. I wanted them all- the stilettoes, the wedges, the flats, the boots. I never saw anything wrong with wearing up to three pairs of shoes in a day, sometimes with no socks. Whenever I stabilized from my mania, I would feel devastated.

Desires that ran against the notion that men were the only ones allowed to have lots of sex, desires that slandered girls and labeled them whores. They demanded fulfillment and often fulfillment from more than one person. For the longest time, I thought to myself that to change I would need to choose my battles wisely.

When she inquired with one of the women, she found that she was witnessing what many call “Romance tourism” — lonely men and women who travel to impoverished countries in search of companionship and locals who willingly oblige, in exchange for gifts, free meals, and, sometimes, cold hard cash.

Klougart began documenting the affairs of the many women she met on the beaches of Kenya who introduced her to the sometimes troubling and sometimes empowering world of women who go after exactly what they want and nothing more.At the time of writing, the case against them was ongoing.The public uproar surrounding the allegations of homosexuality and pornography led dozens of gay men and transgender women, fearing violence, to flee their homes.No one told me that this illness would come with an excessive desire for sex. I thought that if I was a man, that would be acceptable, but a woman with an excessive desire for sex?There was just no place in the world for a woman like that! Trying to fulfill my desires, I have had lots shoes and I was never attached to any of them.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Kenyan Lady Who Must Have Sex With 3 Different Men Every Day (Photos) (100339 Views) Guys, Can You Marry A Lady With 2 Kids From Different Men?

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