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The report also lists novelty, eros, and commitment as aspects of marriage that are strengthened through one-on-one couple time and in pointing out these things, it compels one to remember that marriage is not just for bringing children into the world, it is just as much for the good of the spouses.

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After the amazing honeymoon and life goes back to normal, you envision coming home in the evening to someone you can’t wait to be with, and waking up each morning knowing all you care about in the world is laying right next to you. The emotion of love fades and then love must become true love because it requires an act of the will to put your spouse first.

This is exactly how you should imagine life together with your spouse and if you do things right, this kind of love will last much longer than just your first year together. So, to keep your love alive, a great thing to do is to keep dating each other after you get married. Isn’t the whole point of getting married to stop dating? Dating is just as important during marriage as it was before you married.

It is possible to keep love and romance alive in your marriage with some planning and effort.

Keeping love and romance alive in your marriage doesn't have to depend on going on cruises or weekend getaways.

During that exciting and memorable time of courtship, having someone you admired notice and care about you was a real thrill. Many other responsibilities compete for your attention.

Department of Family and Human Development Utah State University, 2001 When you and your spouse first met, talking, doing things for each other or just being together was probably very romantic.

Being in the military was actually beneficial for their relationship.

They moved so often, they didn’t have time to develop deep friendships with others around them, so they opted to develop a deep friendship with each other.

For many, that indescribable thrill initially felt can vanish within even the first year of tying he knot.

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