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The decline of Germany's Weimar Republic amidst the rise of National Socialism in the 1930s is seen through the eyes of nightclub singer Sally Bowles (Liza Minnelli) and her constant companions (Michael York, Helmut Griem) .

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At one point, she says sadly to a potential suitor: “We all have skills we don’t use. Designer Louise Gray sent her models down the runway with all manner of domestic household items attached to their outfits, such as plastic shopping bags, custard tart tins and foil trays.

They looked, as the Daily Mail described them, like “dishevelled housewives".

It’s not often that you meet a woman today who would describe herself as a housewife.

This unglamorous, dated term, synonymous with domestic drudgery, has been made redundant by changes in attitudes and childcare solutions that have allowed more women to pursue careers.

- Full frontal standing in a bath viewed in a mirror reflection - from a medium distance - then a closer direct shot with her body covered in soap suds and quickly sitting down in the bath when someone comes in - then standing again as she is rinsed off ● topless sitting in a steam room - then topless with a towel around her waist coming out of the room and struggling with another woman who, with the help of Bo Derek, she locks in another room ● topless sitting in the steam room with Bo Derek and another woman.

- Topless lovemaking scene with her right breast briefly seen - quite dark ● topless in a bath with her breasts half above the water - then her right breast is fully seen as she begins to stand up.The show had the misfortune of being up against the popular Mitch Miller program and Route 66.Ratings suffered initially and ABC decided to cancel the series.- Topless side view sitting in a night-club dressing room with her right breast seen as a new dancer (Lori Heuring) walks in - then fully topless as she talks to the newcomer answering her questions about a woman she is looking for and then as the club boss comes in to talk to them.- Topless as she walks into a room and takes over the massaging of plumber Sid (Christopher Neil) from the young masseuse (Christine Donna) - she starts off gently at first and then gives him the rough treatment as her boss wants Sid to be taught a lesson for trying to blackmail him.Karen and Ted broke up for the first time in college before winter break of Ted's freshman year.

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