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Kamasutra is the ancient book on lovemaking; you can in fact, call it more than a manual of love making, it goes beyond the realms of mere sexual intercourse.

Things in our lives happen so fast that we tend to rush through everything, even sex for that matter.

When you embrace the Kamasutra way, you are using more of your body than the arms.

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Love and romance are said to give the sweetest pleasures in life, especially when show your partner how much you love him/her.

Internet has a repository of ideas, tips and advices about diverse aspects of romancing like ways to show your love, places to go together, how to flirt, and many more.

Hallo mijn naam is Mariza en ik ben 28 jaar oud en kom uit regio Groningen waar ik dan ook geboren ben.

Hou jij van een wat mollige / dikke reet dan ben jij precies wat ik zoek en wil ik graag met jou in contact komen.

Ben jij niet vies van een dikke reet dan ben ik wat voor jou!

Ik hou van sex in mijn dikke reet en zoek dan ook mannen die dit met mij willen.

Living in different countries means syncing oneself across the timezone span and after the fever and sinus torture of last weekend I was not sure if I'd have it in me to stay awake till midnight staring at the screen or making any coherent statements in the current heat wave. Technology makes it easier to sit at home and meet various folks online in real-time so we (read Ubuntu-Women) did just that and had an IRC meetup last night as a kind of stock taking on the project founded (by yours truly :)) three years ago. Everyone agreed that UW was doing well and that we love it in its present form We would like to do more but given that each of us is handling more than we can as is, its stretching things to take on additional responsibilities.

Mamarok volunteered to do a series of interviews for Ubuntu's Full Circle mag so that is something to look forward to.

Kamasutra teaches us to go slow and make things spicier and foreplay is as important as the real act in itself.

The entire fun of the game of sex is what leads to the final act, and if this act comes and goes in the speed of light then the experience is pretty much ruined. ] Create an atmosphere of love with your dear one following these Kamasutra steps for foreplay mentioned below: Kamasutra says that foreplay involves embracing your partner before the actual sexual intercourse, but there is a difference between this and a hug.

How about some romantic crooning while surfing romantic websites?

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