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Fast forward three days, and the 17-year-old was back cheering on her idol among the crowds at the 57-year-old Rebel Hearts concert in Sydney on Sunday evening, after the singer especially flew her in from the Gold Coast for the show, according to the teen's agent.'Joséphine was honored by Madonna's interaction with her at her concert in Brisbane.

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Although Madonna's exposure of Joséphine breast was unexpected, Joséphine is not upset about the incident and will not be filing any legal action,' she said in a statement.'Madonna noticed Joséphine’s beauty when she invited her on stage and nicknamed her "Victoria's Secret", and she hopes this endorsement will help further her modeling career and her search for a model agent.

The young fan, who was wearing her mother's leather corset-style top at the time, told the Courier Mail she suffered a wardrobe malfunction and the only reason she looked so 'surprised' was because she was standing alongside her favourite idol.

Squeeze out all of the air, making sure you securely seal the bag.

Then place the quart bag into the gallon bag of ice.

In just five simple steps, provides a refreshing recipe for watermelon sorbet in a bag.

(Watermelon can be replaced with any other fruit for future creations.) First, empty one full tray of ice cubes into a freezer gallon bag. Pour 1/2 cup of watermelon purée into a freezer quart bag.

Parnell says she enjoys being a small business owner, too, because she's able to connect with women to build a network.“(I) help them feel comfortable in their own skin,” she says.

Parnell has been married for 15 years to Les Parnell, and the family thoroughly enjoyed the adoption process to get their dog, Sammy.

But so far we only have Michael Robbins' word that the school took remote snapshots from the webcams.

It seems just as likely that Blake Robbins took "questionable" photos of himself, which then fell into administrators' hands."Parents: school used webcam to spy on our kid at home" It's creepy, but educational: No, "schools have been doing this for years," says Alex Pasternack at Motherboard, although only at school — "creepily spy[ing] on a student in his freaking home" is a new low.

"I often have the laptop in the room while I'm getting dressed," and I'm sure the Lower Merion kids do, too.

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