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It's the ultimate dream of anyone who's ever set foot in a casino — win fast, win big, win the "Rain Man" suite, win the girl of your dreams, win enough to bring down the house. card-counting grifters, it was a dream that became reality. "You have to concentrate on all the numbers that are flying out [from the deck] at a hundred miles per hour, and at the same time play the game, and at the same time try to look as if you're not counting," star Jim Sturgess marveled, as he described the technique used by his character in the movie.

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Earlier this week I spoke to Jim Sturgess and Kate Bosworth who both star in 21, which opens in the UK today.

Based on the best selling book Bringing Down the House, the story is about a group of MIT students who use their math skills to count cards and win big in Las Vegas every weekend.

And so the book does, too, dropping in on their lives every July 15.

It charts their careers – Emma, an idealist with dreams of being a writer, initially struggles in the backwaters, working in a Tex Mex restaurant while composing bad poetry in her spare time, before becoming a teacher and finally a successful writer of children's novels.

John Chang graduated from MIT in 1985 with a degree in electrical engineering. "I actually did want to go to Harvard Medical School," admits Jeff Ma, "but I didn't actually play blackjack necessarily to go to Harvard Medical School. One of the reasons I ended up not going to Harvard Medical School is because of blackjack and all the money I could make there." -Double Play No.

An influential member of the original team, Chang would later re-team with Bill Kaplan as a co-manager in the early 1990s. Former team leader John Chang said that the movie's scholarship interview is a plot device that "never happened" in real life.

In fact, Jane and her boyfriend, who were both "math geeks," were recruited by Jeff Ma in the early 1990s.

Jeff knew them and had been friends with both of them.

His parents and his sister were his guests at the 2008 21 movie premiere at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. In the movie, MIT team members Ben (Jim Sturgess) and Jill (Kate Bosworth) share a brief love scene and end up a couple at the end of the film.

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