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The purpose of the site is to enable users to make new connections, find others with similar interests and reconnect with old friends. Get a friend's recommendation for anything from a great restaurant to a gentle dentist. JSafe offers training, speakers, programs and develops literature and policy guidelines.Jew is a networking tool that continues to meet the needs of Jews on both a personal and professional level. Kehillaton helps you promote your community activities: MINYANim, EVENTs, SERVICEs, LECTUREs, CHARITABLE FUNDs, JOBs, MIKVAs...If you are looking for love, you’re in good company.

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Each of our online classrooms feature live streaming video and voice technology, and a digital whiteboard, capable of full multimedia presentation, as well as traditional whiteboard use.

During class, students can see their instructor and fellow classmates, and can fully interact with their classmates, teacher and whiteboard.

“Most of the social groups in Detroit are focused on a younger demographic.”So why did the programming stop for this generation?

Are you really bored because you have nothing planned, or do you need an excuse to not do your homework?

Social programming through religious schools, synagogues, the Jewish Community Centers and the Jewish Federation does exist for children, teens, younger adults and seniors, but not for that middle generation.“In the past, the JCC would have three major social events a year, but they don’t have them anymore,” says Paul Bensman, 52, of Farmington Hills.

He’s been single for 12 years and has a son, Ian, 22.

“We need more social opportunities and places for singles in this age range to meet.

People are searching for it, and there is a real void in the marketplace.”Adam Gottlieb, 50, of Farmington Hills, is single and trying to fill the void. “There are no other programs for the over-40 crowd,” he says, referring to JEN.

“I like the excitement of the unknown and all its inherent possibilities when going on a date.”Gary Schwartz, 50, of West Bloomfield, who is single, says, “I enjoy having a good meal, and you can never have enough friends.

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